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Modul: AMASP Control
Author: Dietrich Roland Pehlke
Nick: Aldus
State: Beta
License: CC 2 - by sa
GUID: 326EF223-9DB8-426F-B1C7-157B57E35B4B
Platform: 2.8
Requires: PHP: 5.2.x
Modules: PEAR (, x_cForm Modul(0.1.1)
Last info: 2010-12-03
669 votes
1 2 3 4 5
Download: here
Forum: here
Description: A simple Admin-Tool to get actual informations
out of the AMASP Database for the modules.
Info: 0.3.2
- Add full open PHP tags to "tool.php" to avoid conflicts within PHP >= 5.3.0

- modul full install from the detail-page if an amasp-link is given.
- It's recomented to update the PEAR modul to avoid 5.x strict warnings and messages.

0.2.7 beta
- minor bugfixes inside info.php to avoid messages during installations within a WB Standalone installation

0.2.6 beta
- add uninstall.php to delete the db-table

0.2.5 beta
- Modules are only listen if the page-visibility is "public"

0.2.3 beta
- Add WYSIWYG Type
- Minor code-changes

0.2.2 beta
- some bugfixes and typos-eraese
- some visual improvements
See also: x_cForm, pear