Sunday, May 19 in 2024
Modul: Captionslider
Author: Ruud Eisinga
Nick: Ruud
Version: 0.1.2
State: Stable
License: GPL
GUID: FE9662B2-6A8B-4335-BAD3-F3C5261A700D
Platform: 2.8
Last info: 2010-04-23
570 votes
1 2 3 4 5
Download: here
Forum: here
Web Link: here
Description: An Admintool that allows you to organize your images, and a snippet to include it anywhere in your template.
Info: Note: The admintool screen states you can use the "ID" in the snippet, but in the current version this will not work. Please use the group name to add the slider to your template!
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