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Modul: dbGlossary
Author: Ralf Hertsch
Nick: Ralf (Berlin)
Version: 0.30
State: Stable
License: GNU - General Public License
GUID: 6EB5B030-24F4-4462-9064-F96AC16A3E4A
Platform: 2.8
Requires: dbConnect_LE, rhTools, Dwoo
Last info: 2011-08-01
697 votes
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Download: here
Forum: here
Web Link: here
Description: dbGlossary works really fine with LEPTON CMS!

dbGlossary is an admin tool for easy handling of catchwords - i.e. abbreviations, acronyms, terms and cross-references at your website.
In addition dbGlossary is usefull for automatically creation of footenotes, containing remarks or literature references based on the literature database of dbGlossary.
Info: dbGlossary support german and english language.

To start with dbStichworte add a new catchword, define its description and choose the type (abbreviation, acronym, term or cross-reference).

To use the catchwords, sign them within your text with to leading and two closing pipes, i.e.:

||Small Sample||

The catchwords will be replaced on the fly with valid HTML tags containing the explanation of the catchword or a link to a source.

For creation of footnotes just type:

||{I'm a footenote and will be replaced by an superior number and shown at the foot of the page}||

for a free remark (footnote). For creating a literature reference first add a source to the dbGlossary database and define a identifier, i.e. Book Sample and then type within your text:

||{source:Book Sample|remark:122 et seq.}||

it will be replaced by a superior number and at the foot of the page dbGlossary insert a regular literature reference containing author(s), title, subtitle, publishing place, edition and publisching date. If you are using a remark it will be used to reference the page(s) within the source. Separate the parameters with a pipe |.

At the place, where the footnotes should be shown, please insert:


that's all...

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