Monday, July 15 in 2024
Modul: output filters
Author: Christian Sommer(doc), WB-Project, Werner v.d. Decken(DarkViper)
Nick: DarkViper
Version: 0.4.1
State: Stable
License: GPL
Platform: 2.8
Requires: PHP 5.4
Last info: 2014-09-01
311 votes
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Download: here
Description: This module allows to filter the output before displaying it on the frontend. Support for filtering mailto links and mail addresses in strings.

0.4.1 - Bugfix inside filterCssToHead.php
Info: Actual WB 2.8.3 SP3 (Aug. 2014) and older versions comes up within version 0.4.0, witch is buggy within outputs with "head"-tags e.g. code2 within phpinfo(); call.
It results in an endless loop.