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Modul: Tagcloud and UserTracker
Author: Thomas "thorn" Hornik
Nick: thorn
Version: 0.62.07
State: Stable
License: GNU-GPL
Platform: 2.7 and 2.8
Last info: 2010-04-25
545 votes
1 2 3 4 5
Download: here
Forum: here
Description: Tagcloud-generator (CSS-styleable) and UserTracker.

Tagclouds and Lists:
Currently available tagclouds:
  • Most visited pages: page names
  • Searched words: local search
  • Google search: from google&Co referrers
  • News: most used words in news-articles
  • WYSIWYG: most used words in WYSIWYG-pages
  • keyword or description: most used words in page's keywords or description-field (deprecated, use "free-field")
  • "free-field": any database-field
Currently available lists:
  • last visitors
  • most frequently seen countries (visitors origin)
You may wish to use the UserTracker to prevent spam-bots from getting counted.

  • very accurate spam-bot detection (requires "full-installation" of UserTracker)
  • very accurate Crawler-detection
  • use of GeoIP-database
  • may be used for spam-bot analysis
  • tracks each step of every user
See documentation on how to make the UserTracker work.

Not yet inplemented.

Info: In addition please download GeoIP

Unfortunately, the documentation is available in german only.
Supported languages: DE, EN
See also: geoip