Thursday, June 13 in 2024
Modul: Code 2
Author: Chio Maisriml, Dietrich Roland Pehlke, Martin Hecht
Nick: Chio, Aldus, Martin Hecht (last)
Version: 2.2.5
State: Stable
License: GNU-GPL
GUID: 968243F3-EC4A-439D-8936-7D727D9EF8C2
Platform: WB(CE)
Last info: 2015-08-28
780 votes
1 2 3 4 5
Download: here
Forum: here
Web Link: here
Description: This module is an enhanced version of the core modul code. It can be used to add not only php code, but also html, javascript code or internal comments.
"Internal Comment" creates no frontend output and can thereby be used for comments or simply hiding code.
"Admin Comment" can be edited only by admins (group 0), others see a yellow area in the backend.

For general security reasons this module should be installed only if it's really necessary.

2.2.5 : 2015-08-24
- added automatic mode (Martin Hecht, mrbaseman)
- re-added error handling for inststall procedure
- improved wrapping of long lines without spaces : 2015-08-22
- added missing double quotes in modify.htt (nbiz)

2.2.4 : 2015-08-22
- re-introduced small and large boxes,
- introduced wrapping of long lines,
- fixed problems with multiple instances on one page
- clean up some unused files in codemirror
- made css height consistent (Martin Hecht, mrbaseman)

2.2.3 : 2015-08-20
- another hotfix in install (Martin Hecht, mrbaseman)

2.2.2 : 2015-08-20
- hot fixes: forgot quotes in lang files and fixed a typo
in install and corrected case statements in backend.js.
(thanks to dbs and jacobi22 for reporting)

2.2.1 : 2015-08-19
- clean up installer and modify and lang-files (Martin Hecht, mrbaseman)
- increased font size
- sanitize save and view
- added French and Italian language support

2.2.0 : 2015-08-16
- add syntax highlighting (Martin Hecht, mrbaseman)

2.1.13 : 2015-03-07
- print out admin-footer in case of a general protection error (Martin Hecht, mrbaseman)

2.1.12 : 2015-01-10
- fix add.php for mysql-strict-mode (Martin Hecht, mrbaseman)

2.1.11 - Add FTAN-Check inside save.php again and correct the header issue to make it run again under "single-tab-mode" (modification by Martin Hecht), thanks to jacobi22 for hints about this issue.

2.1.9 rc1
- Add FTAN code for security - reasons to the existing one; backward compatible, if you got a WB version less than 2.8.2, it use his own hash-algo in theese case.

- Bugfix inside save.php - only administrators was able to save.

- Bugfix: typos inside the html-template

- Bugifix inside the html-template for the width of the textarea (thanks to erpe)

- Remove HTTP_REFERER test inside the save.php (was in 2.1.3)
- Add hash-id in combination within the section test instead.

- Remove obsolete PHP-Code for correct loading the backend.js.
- Remove obsolete directory "js" from the project.

- Bugfixes inside the upgrade-script. Table was untouched if there was no code2-section found ...
- Removes some typos in the module-description.

2.1.0: Core replacements, bugfixes inside the modify-template (xhtml valide). Secure fixes.
-Minor fixes for PHP 4.4.x during the installation and classdefinination.

- Bugfix inside "install.php".

- Add languagesupport for EN and DE.
Info: [note] The module code 2 does NOT replace the module code; you can use them both.