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Modul: Droplets (WB 2.8.32 version)
Author: Ruud, Pcwacht, WebBird, Aldus (last)
Nick: PCWacht
Version: 1.74
State: RC
License: GPL
GUID: 9F2AC2DF-C3E1-4E15-BA4C-2A86E37FE6E5
Platform: 2.8
Requires: WB 2.8.3 (but should work on 2.7, too)
Last info: 2015-11-09
336 votes
1 2 3 4 5
Download: here
Forum: here
Description: Version 1.7.4
- Bugfix for deprecated "mysql_insert_id()" call.
- Bugfix inside droplet "LoginBox"

Version 1.6

- Update for WB 2.8.2

Version 1.4

- new: Duplicate a droplet with one click
- new: Show module version
- new: added links to AMASP module and droplets download pages
- new: Show droplets count

Version 1.2.1

Enhanced version that allows selective backup, restore/import Droplets from ZIP-Files (integrated upload), and backup files management (download, restore, delete).

If jQueryAdmin and the jQuery Tablesorter Plugin are installed, the Droplets list can be sorted by name, description, or state (active/not active).

Translations needed! Translations incomplete for NO, DA

Note:This version is an update for the version (1.1.0) that is included in the Website Baker 2.8.2 installation.

Note: this is a version for Website Baker 2.8.2. WB2.7 should use this version and WB 2.8 and 2.8.1. should use this release.
Info: Droplets are small chunks of php code (just like the code module) that can be included in your template or any other content section.
Including a droplet is done by encapsulating the droplet name in double brackets.
If you want to use the droplet "LastModifiedWhen" (to show the last modified date and time of the current page) you only need to add [[LastModifiedWhen]] to your template or WYSIWYG contentpage.

You are encouraged to create your own droplets and share them with the community.
See also: module WB 2.7, module WB2.8