Wednesday, January 19 in 2022
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Display multiple identified WYSIWYG Sections
Modification of the ShowSection Droplet, ShowMultipleWYSIWYG will display the WYSIWYG sections that you identify

Suggested Name:


Droplet Code:

Parameters required:


Parameters optional:


Example Call:


Commandline to use: [[ShowMultipleWYSIWYG?section=19,20,21,26,13,86,22,23,24,25]]
To find the section_id, select Manage Sections on the page you wish to select the WYSIWYG Section from, hover over and check the url it links to, the section_id is the last number, example; /admin/pages/modify.php?page_id=256#610   610 is the section_id

Submitted By: rsmith

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