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This Droplet will create an image tag.
This can be usefull when you want to add an image in modules where there is no WYSIWYG editor or in your template.

Suggested Name:


Droplet Code:

Parameters required:

image=(image in mediafolder)

Parameters optional:

width=(width) height=(height) alt=(alt text) title=(title text)

Example Call:

[[image?image=/foto/picture.jpg&title=My Image Title&alt=Alternate text&width=300&height=225]]

The parameters are:

image : the image to display. The path is relative to the configuread media directory
title : the image title (shows when hovering over the image)
alt : the alternate text (shown on text only browsers and very usefull for Google)
width : the width to use for displaying the image
height : the height to use for displaying the image

Submitted By: Ruud

YouTube << Images >> RandomOrderImages