Wednesday, April 17 in 2024
Modul: LibraryAdmin
Author: B. Martinovic
Nick: WebBird
Version: 1.50Beta1
State: Beta
License: All rights reserved
GUID: B195B52D-17F7-45F4-A777-97DE6A31D272
Platform: LEPTON/WB hybrid
Requires: PHP >= 5.2, Droplets >= v1.5, wblib >= 0.85
Last info: 2014-08-29
833 votes
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Download: here
Web Link: here
Description: This module is the successor of jQueryAdmin. It lets you integrate and/or use nearly any type of library. Supported for now is jQuery (module lib_jquery, please install separately) and CSS Dropdown Framework (included). With some development knowledge, you can add your own with some really easy steps.

Tested with WB 2.8.3 + 2.8.4 DEV and LEPTON 1.3.1.
Info: Current Version comes without the required wblib. Please download wblib from
See also: lib_jquery , lib_blueprint, lib_dojo , lib_mootools