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Modul: Auto Gallery
Author: Karl Pierce
Nick: spritemarkiv
Version: 0.7.1
State: Stable
License: Creative Commons - attribution must be kept in place
GUID: 3CAD5A48-D763-45A7-9AF8-5A92E2FFF155
Platform: 2.11
Last info: 2018-03-22
813 votes
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Download: here
Forum: here
Web Link: here
Description: Auto Gallery

* This module creates an easy to navigate photo gallery.

* Recursively searches through your photo file tree to automatically create the gallery using ImgBrowz0r by Frank Smit.
* image thumbnails automatically created
* image caching option
* Light box style pop-up for viewing the photos using Pretty Photo by Stephane Caron.
* Slide show option for lazy surfers.
* Backend provides easy three click set up.
1 choose the root of the photo folders.
2 choose the cache folder.
3 click save.
If you have edit permission for the page you can drag and drop files to add to the gallery you are currently in.

Tested on
* WebsiteBaker 2.11
*Lepton Version is here

Note: when changing some settings you will need to empty the server cache and your browser cache to see the result.

*Added Drag and Drop file upload using plupload.
*included imgbrowser tweak by Olli.
*Need to double-check upload.php for security(do not use in production yet).

*Security of upload.php is enhanced.
*jQueryAdmin is integrated, but not required.

*fixed bug that stopped it from working in IE and Opera.
*still not working correctly in Safari(looks like it uploads but does not).
* fixed button issue in IE.

*Updated plupload
*Updated prettyphoto
*Pretty photo now includes share links for twitter and FB
*Removed support for jQuerryAdmin since it is no longer serviced

*Updated to work on Lepton 2.1
*Updateed Pretty Photo Plugin to 3.1.6