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Modul: KA ImageViewer
Author: gingebaker
Nick: gingebaker
Version: 1.2
State: Stable
License: GNU - General Public License
GUID: A24B6165-D4D1-481B-991D-AC7384E12C82
Platform: 2.7 and 2.8
Requires: WB 2.7 or WB 2.8.x
Last info: 2012-02-20
741 votes
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Download: here
Forum: here
Description: HOW IT WORKS:
- Add this module to a page. Set your desired Image sizes, Resize mode and Output Rendering.
- Save changes
- Click on Edit/upload images
- You can select Images when pressing the button Upload Images
- After the Java Upload Tool has loaded just drag and drop your jpg pictures in the white area, or use the button Add!!
- After Upload is completed click the view new images Button. (the site will reload)
- under the upload tool you will see your images
- you can sort the images, change the Title, and delete it.
- the update Button for the desired changes is at the bottom of the site.

- you will need a Java Runtime environment (minimum 1.5) to get the upload to work
- you can download the java runtime environment for any OS at:
- tested on IE8, IE7, IE6, Firefox 3, Opera
- all the files will be stored in MEDIA_DIRECTORY/kaimageviewer

- strict: will convert your images/thumbnails to the exact width/height you specified
However the Images well not loss their aspect ratio. Perfect for flash-Rotator
- frame: will convert the big images so that it will keep their ratio and will not have a width
or height bigger than the width and height you specified. the thumbnails will be resized to the exact width and height you entered

- can be dapted easily when you hava php programming skills.
- add a new class to the file ka_viewmodes.php wich extends the class "ka_view".
- in this class define a function process. with the variable Imagedata that this function will get
you can process the output in any way.
- 0.5: Initial release. Module tested with IE7, Firefox 2 and Opera. You need flash and javascript.
Two View modes are possible. HTML-Output and Flash rotator. all the files will are stored
in MEDIA_DIRECTORY/kaimageviewer
- 0.6: Added online/offline feature. You can set images on and offline. Depending on the status the image will be
shown or not shown in the frontend
Added a smooth gallery compatible html output mode. You have to include the js libraries and the initial call
by yourself
- 0.7: Upload Tool Update. Works now with fancy Upload 2.0 and Mootools 1.2.1. Supports Flash Player 10. And has a new GUI.
Killed a bug in Flash-Rotator. No shows only the pictures set to status 'activ = 1'.
- 0.8: smaller pics allowed for frame-mode. Use the new checkbox in settings to allow pictures with a smaller size.
- 0.9: added small hack for wb 2.8 and the jQuery module. wich made problems with the mootools library. edit_images.php line 137
- 1.0: changed upload mechanism to java applet or single file transfer. Applet uses jumploader. Removed flash upload and no more mootools required
jquery instead. for 2.7 there is the current jquery version included in this module, and will be added if needed.
- 1.1: changed the html-id picsort to kaimg_picsort to avoid problems when adding imageviewer on the same page where an ka image gallery exists
CHANGED-FILES: edit_images.php, backend.js, info.php
- 1.2: changed edit_images.php form. added hidden fields for page and section ID, to be compatible with websitebaker 2.8.2. Also added a check for WB Version greater equal
than WB 2.8.2 to add the jquery/jquery-ui-min.js in the kaimgviewer module folder.
CHANGED-FILES: edit_images.php, info.php

- below 0.6. Run the upgrade.php in the module folder. (uncomment the "die"-Line at the top (Database structure change)
- from 0.6 to 0.9 just upload all files in you kaimgviewer directory from the new version
- from below 0.9 to 1.0 delete all the files in your kaimgviewer module directory (make a backup) and then upload all files from the unpacked 1.0 module
to your kaimgviewer module directory. (there are some files wich arent used anymore). there are no db changes made in 1.0, although the smaller_pics_ok flag
is not needed anymore in this version. I didn´t delete it for backward compatibililty...

- if you experience problems especially by updating from version smaller than 0.8 uncomment the line in upgrade.php and load the upgrade.php from you browser!!
- from 1.0 to 1.2, the same as from 0.9 to 1.0, no database changes