Thursday, June 13 in 2024
Modul: Form X
Author: Stefano Ricci
Nick: Sharmpro
Contact: stefano(at)sharmpro(dot)com
Version: 2.4.8
State: Beta
License: GNU-GPL
Platform: 2.7
Last info: 2008-11-27
731 votes
1 2 3 4 5
Download: here
Forum: here
Description: Many improvements from original form module
Added HTML output for form (can use to input data for news modules, wysiwyg etc.
File Upload control.
Email uploaded file attached to message.
Form data saved into serialized database field.
Uploaded files linked from submission (backend).
Drag & Drop for filed ordering.
Help on each field.
Full frontend.css implementation
Info: In the project pipeline:
* Sent mail to recipient based on user selections (opt1 ->, opt2 -> email2...)
* Select field with default option amd display of another string than the value itself

Known issues:
* CSS definition for checkbox and radio fields still to complete

- Captcha got * of required
- .CSS cleanup and fixes (FF wrong columns alignment)
- Folder /media wrong chmod
- Drag+Dop for Filed order definition
- Field not saved for new installation
- Help on all field
- Folder /media wrong chmod
- Drag+Dop for Filed order definition
- New .css definition for frontend
- Started Help page
- Cleaned up Backend and use of Template
- Resolve some security issues
- Now uses jsCalendar from standard WB distribution
- Removed from backend unused _html fields
- Fixed Bug - Securty issues - Sanitized some params
- Fixed Bug - Multiple file upload
- Fixed bug - Submissions not stored in database
- Fixed bug - Max file size bug (not saved) Thanks to Aldus.
- Added - Form conent saved into serialized database field
- Added - File Upload chmod (0666 for direct link)
- Added - File uploaded linked in submission (backend)
- Added - Select email_from as name < address >
- Added - File Type to Upload (jpg,tif,png,pdf,....)
- Added - Automatic creation of upload folder
- Added - file attachements
- Added - Date field
- Added - File Upload
- Added - File Attach to email