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Modul: Massmail with Tiny_MCE
Nick: Spritemarkiv
Version: 3.4.3
State: Beta
License: GNU - General Public License
GUID: 5FB2C9DB-DAD1-4B62-8A08-BE191A764E20
Platform: 2.7 and 2.8
Requires: Tiny MCE
Last info: 2018-03-12
564 votes
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Download: here
Forum: here
Web Link: here
Description: Mass Mail Upgrade with Attachments and Tiny_MCE WYSIWYG
New Features
* Add an attachment
* Send Email in HTML Format
* Use Tiny_MCE editor to write the email.
* Include pictures from your media section.
* Can be installed over existing massmail without deleting the database tables or pages.
* Can also be installed clean(without previous Mass Mail installed).
* Tiny_MCE 3.392 must be installed (does not have to be set as your default editor)
* STMP Mail Connection( check in Admin =>Settings)
* WB 2.7 & WB2.8 & WB2.8.1(not tested on anything else)
* WB 2.7 must update phpmail to get this to work.

How to update your phpmail

1 Go to the WB Thread linked above.
2 Download the zip file attached that works with your php version( , = PHP5)
3 Unpack the file
4 Replace the files in include/phpmailer with the files.

Update: I had some bounce messages in v3.0. problem fixed. New version 3.1
Update: v3.1 is having problems working with the old phpmailer version that ships with WB2.7. Please wait for next version, or help me fix it.
Update: New Version 3.2, for WB2.7 New Requirement You must update phpmail (see above) to get this to work.
Update: v3.4 Ajax gets the emails from different groups without a page refresh.
Update: v3.4.2 bug fix to work with TinyMCE v 3.3.8
Update: v3.4.3 bug fix. Now working with Opera.
See also: massmail w/ fcke