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Modul: Post Its
Author: Christian Sommer, Marcus Jann
Nick: doc, Marcus70
Version: 0.61
State: Stable
License: GNU - General Public License
GUID: 20ABE510-1BF9-460A-BF44-88C8E77D52E2
Platform: 2.7 and 2.8
Requires: Website Baker 2.8 (2.7 with some extra modifications), JavaScript enabled
Last info: 2009-09-08
667 votes
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Download: here
Forum: here
Web Link: here
Description: The PostIts module allows to send short text messages (PostIts) to other users or groups. PostIts automatically appear in the Website Baker frontend and/or backend, when the recipient is loged in. PostIts make use of the jQuery and jQuerUI framework to handle AJAX and DOM operations.

Supported languages: English and German. See the English or German module thread in WB forum for further information, or read the HTML README file (EN, DE) included with the module.
Info: Latest modifications:
  • added GUID in info.php
  • added precheck.php to check fundamental requirements
  • renamed help file from help_en.html to help_EN.html for easier language selection
  • added german help file help_DE.html
  • changed name of JSON object from "Id" to "Data"
  • added field "id" to JSON object
  • fixed some code to prevent alerts while trying to close a postit (occured when postits aren't closed in that order they appeared)
  • added code to avoid conflicts with "$" object of other libraries
  • removed jquery files in module and pointed to wb jquery files (since wb2.8; for wb < 2.8 you have to manually install jquery files and point to them!)
  • pimped up display of postit by adding a PostIt gif as background
  • fixed some code to prevent error messages
  • removed restrictions to display only up to 5 postits - now up to 99 postits!
  • added code to auto-arrange postits