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Modul: ExpCount
Nick: Luisehahne
Version: 1.4
State: Alpha
License: GNU - General Public License
GUID: 8B27DDB0-4F5F-4891-9243-FC3F2697E316
Platform: 2.7 and 2.8
Last info: 2010-04-24
673 votes
1 2 3 4 5
Download: here
Forum: here
Description: The ExpCounter/CHCounter as a Website Baker Module.

After installation you have to add the following code to your template (index.php):

include(WB_PATH.'/modules/expcount/counter.php'); }

Or you can create your own template on fly

The expCounter supports many languages, please follow installation process.
Here you find a good readme (german) .
Info: Notice: This is the second alpha, expcounter version 1.1, please test it.
Currently has no unintsall routine, but will have in the future.

Includes this bugfix 2

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