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Modul: Newsreader
Author: Robert Hase, Matthias Gallas, Dietrich Roland Pehlke (last)
Nick: Aldus
Version: 0.3.8
State: RC
License: GPL
GUID: 913D804E-E254-4E09-A8F4-9C78519EF13D
Platform: LEPTON/WB hybrid
Last info: 2015-05-14
1029 votes
1 2 3 4 5
Download: here
Description: With this module you can display external XML and RDF/RSS (0.9x, 1.0, 2.0) newsfeeds on your page.
Info: Note:your server-configuration must have
allow_url_fopen = on
If you are not sure, please call "phpinfo();" on a code(2) page.

v. 0.3.8
- Minor additions inside preview; add "use_utf8_encoding" and "own_dateformat" to configuration table.
- Correct time used in preview.
- Remove typos in language-files.
- rename class "c_date" to "newsreader_date" to avoid nameing-conflicts within x_CDate class.
- minor cosmetic (css-)changes in preview.
- Bugfix for missing own_dateformat.
- CSS fixes inside help.php

v. 0.3.7
- Valid preview output.
- Codechanges inside the JavaScript for the preview inside modify.htt
- Add backend.js to module
- Bugfix within section_id in modify.htt

v. 0.3.6
- Bugfixes inside the preview.
- Remove tab-index inside modify.htt.
- Bugfixes for double-utf8-encoding.

v. 0.3.5
- Bugfix inside ConvertCharset.class.php for empty strings to convert.

v. 0.3.4
- Remove unnecessary keys from the language files.
- Remove unnecessary "alt" attribut from preview.
- Bugfix for multible newsreader sections on one page for the language files.
- Add image-block to view.htt to supress empty image-links.

v. 0.3.3
- Codechanges inside functions.php.
- Remove unnecessary "alt" attribut from output.
- Bugfix for broken link in view.htt

v. 0.3.2
- Bugfix inside newsparser.php - commented out cURL option(-s)

v. 0.3.1
- Add 'add.php' to the module.
- Codechanges and bugfixes inside modify.php, save.php.
- Additional css changes.
- Additional fields and changes inside languages and help.
- Add to the module.
- FTAN bugfix for WB 2.8.3 SP3

v. 0.3.0
- Add field for own date-time format. E.g. "%A - %e. %B %Y - %H:%M"
- Use cURL inside the newsparser.php

v. 0.2.2
- Add class c_date for date-time formating to the project.

- Additional "use_utf8_encoding" option in the interface to get rid of "feed is missformed" messages.
- some code-cleanings (e.g. update language-support)

Bugfixes for WB 2.8.3 SP2 within PHP 5.5.x and L* 1.3

Bugfix in preview function

Bugfix for FTAN and WB 2.8.4
Bugfix for version-compare of module_platform less than WB 2.8.x

Add a new info_icon for backend-interface.
Minor codechanges inside the modify.php.
Multible section support.

FTAN support for WB 2.8.x.
Add module guid.
Add Lepton-CMS register_class_security
Add rename screen.css to frontend.css and add backend.css
Add EditCSS button to the backend-interface.

Fix for missing values inside preview.php and some codecleanings.