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Modul: Contactlist
Author: Burkhard Hekers, Dietrich Roland Pehlke (last)
Nick: Uthred, Aldus
Version: 1.0.1
State: Stable
License: GNU - General Public License
GUID: FA9F2096-8034-49B9-B8A5-0F52BADD4F5D
Platform: 2.8
Requires: GoogleMap API Key, if GoggleMap support is wanted
Last info: 2014-08-23
881 votes
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Download: here
Forum: here
Web Link: here
Description: Contactlist is a adress directory.

- Each entry has two datasets. One for private and one for business data.
- GoogleMap support (one map each for private / office adress)
- configurtation must be done in modconfig.php (before or after module installation)
- if no Gmap API key is configured, map support is switched off.
- checkbox for each entry, if Gmap should be shown or not
- A memo field is available which can be edited with a WYSIWYG editor
- Adresses can be grouped
- Adresslist output fields can be selected
- Adresslist Paging feature
- Group sort order options
- German,English,Netherland language support
- Filter adresses by group and/or surname
- List is integrated into Websitebaker search
- HTML and CSS validated code
Info: v1.0.1 - 23.08.2014
- Bugfixes for PHP >= 5.5 and WebsiteBaker 2.8.3 SP2, and some codecleanings.

v1.0.0 - 15.07.2011
- make comaptible with lepton (use of constants like ADMIN_URL)
- small css changes

v0.7.3 - 09.09.2010
- Group order options (Groupname or ID, see modconfig.php)
- solve problem with Google Maps in IE8
- clean up html (colspans)

v0.7.2 - 08.09.2010
- Paging feature for Adresslist, max. Number is defined in config file for Frontend and Backend
- change default style

v0.7.1 - 23.11.2009
- changed names for GMAP configuration variables
- Tested successful with WB 2.8
- change to stable stage