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Modul: WB Tweets
Author: André Herdling
Nick: Linger
Version: 0.44
State: Beta
License: GNU - General Public License
Platform: 2.7 and 2.8
Requires: A valid Twitter account
Last info: 2012-01-11
592 votes
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Download: here
Forum: here
Web Link: here
Description: WB Tweets allows you to integrate your Twitter-Timeline into a Website Baker page. The module reads the RSS-Feed that Twitter generates for you and transforms the data into the typical Twitter layout. All posted URLs are made clickable on the fly.

Since version 0.21 you can choose whether 1, 5, 10 or 20 (all) tweets are to be displayed.

Since version 0.3 you are able to hide @replies. Hashtags are now automically linked to twitter search.

Since version 0.4 the feed received from twitter can be locally cached in order to avoid the 150-per-hour limit by twitter.
Info: The Twitter Server allows 100 requests per hour. By using the provided caching option you can avoid this limit (caching works fine since WB Tweets 0.4).

WB Tweets currently comes with an english and a german lanquage file.

WB Tweets is based upon "Twitterzoid" by Philip Newborough (GNU GPL).