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Modul: mp3 playlist
Author: no_name
Nick: macsmet
Version: 0.1
State: dev
License: GNU-GPL
Platform: 2.7
Last info: 2008-09-18
567 votes
1 2 3 4 5
Download: here
Forum: here
Description: This based upon 'Simple Video Gallery' made by ToX.

How does it work?
1. Unzip the ZIP file after download and then install the module called '' via the admin interface.
2. Unzip the '' file and edit the 'playlist.xml' file so the names of your MP3 files are the same as in the 'playlist.xml' file. Then upload the 'playlist.xml' file and your MP3 files in the root of your media folder.
Info: Notice:
needs additional installation of Quick Time Player

first settings see here
See also: songlist