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Modul: dropletsExtension
Author: Ralf Hertsch
Nick: Ralf (Berlin)
Contact: ralf.hertsch@phpmanufaktur.de
Version: 0.16
State: Beta
License: GPL
GUID: 3324A352-5244-4FCD-AC45-EB5E216A1F48
Platform: 2.8
Requires: dbConnect_LE, kitTools
Last info: 2011-08-01
294 votes
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Download: here
Forum: here
Web Link: here
Description: dropletsExtension gives your Droplets the full power of real Addons: loading CSS and jQuery or JavaScript, setting page titles, page descriptions, page keywords, full integration of LEPTON or WebsiteBaker search function a.s.o.

dropletsExtension works really fine with LEPTON CMS!
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