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Modul: Static Page Gallery
Author: Rob
Nick: no_name
Version: 1.1
State: dev
License: GNU-GPL
Platform: 2.7
Last info: 2008-09-17
595 votes
1 2 3 4 5
Download: here
Web Link: here
Description: The Issue: Need a way to upload static pages, ie powerpoint exported html pages or other html pages

The Solution: Static Pages Module, based on the download gallery v1.82, upload a "zip" file with all the pages, make sure the "default" page name is compatible with your server, ie index.html, default.htm, etc

This will upload and extract the files into the media directory/static_pages/section_id-file_id and create a link on the page similar to the download gallery

Still in development, v1.1 works, adds, deletes, groups etc..

Still needs work, cleaning out all the download gallery unused code