Wednesday, January 19 in 2022
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New jQuery Support Forum!

As jQuery, jQuery Plugins, and the jQueryAdmin module are only side issues for the WebsiteBaker CMS, the official WB forum seems not to be the right place to discuss jQuery Plugins or the jQueryAdmin module there. In addition, the creator of the jQueryAdmin module "WebBird" (current WB forum name is "BlackBird") is inhibited using the WB forum by technical problems, so it is hard for her to support her module and the jQuery plugins in a sufficient way.


The jQuery Showroom Forum was opened as a place for you to


  • keep informed about new jQuery, jQuery UI, jQueryAdmin, and jQuery Plugins versions
  • discuss the use of jQuery, jQuery UI, jQueryAdmin, and jQuery Plugins
  • suggest Plugins for preparation for use with the jQueryAdmin module
  • publish Plugins you prepared for use with the jQueryAdmin module

Please note: The jQuery Showroom Forum is focused on using jQuery and stuff with WebsiteBaker. This is not a support forum for jQuery, jQuery UI, or jQuery Plugins as themselves. There are special forums and/or mailinglists provided by the authors for this kind of support. So please refer to the author's / plugin's home if you'd like to suggest new features or ask special questions. Thank you.