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Thank you for visiting AMASP


At AMASP (all modules and snippet project) you will find a categorized listing of (all) existing and functioning modules and snippets developed or ported for WebsiteBaker CMS.


Notice: all items are shown here after "naked" instalation. The style of the items can be modified with css-knowledge so you can fit the modules and snippets to your needs.

Nearly all zipss collected here are free to download, use and modify according GNU GPL or Creative Commons licence. Please, read the Terms of Use at each file you download.

All modules/snippets here were tested in a regular install-use-uninstall routine and we do our best to offer just up to date fully functional modules/snippets. However we strongly advise you to make a backup of your site before install/update any module or snippet.


Please notice our disclaimer.


If you want to have your modules or snippets shown on this site, please read the guidelines and use the registration.


If you have knowlege of a module or snippet that is not shown on this site please give us an information with this contact-formular.


Please use the same formular, if a module or snippet page on this site is not up to date.


In all other cases please use the message-formular.


Please send us an information if you see any errors or broken links etc on this site. Thanks for that.


Special Thanks to Aldus, IggyFlames, Chio and all the developers of modules and snippets  for making this project possible.



Thank you for visiting and supporting the AMASP-project.


Please notice: I don't know how long this project is supported by authors who are banned from WB-forum. If in doubt please contact them directly.