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AMASP is running for two years

This article is written by erpe


The idea

In the beginnig there was a thread on the forum. The discussed idea was a site, where modules and snippets are presented that there is no need to install all modules on your own, to see them working ot to get an idea how they will function.

Being tired of discussions I started this project as a private initiative in the hope, that some others will help me creating the site and supporting this idea and project.

And AMASP ist still a private project today and has nothing to do with the association, that maintain the official homepage of WebsiteBaker but shares a common aim:

to show modules and snippets to the community and support this cms .

The start

On August 21st 2008 the Project started  on it's old url with the standard allcss2 template and wysiwyg-sections.

A short time after the start, Chio created the template modulefinder, which was really a step forward for the "own face" of the project.

In a second step Aldus developed the modul information that made maintaining the pages much easier.

Besides that IggyFlames helped writing some text and disclaimer.

The first work was done, module and snippets authors could start to show their work.

A list of modules and snippets, created by tom hung, served as a start to collect modules and in addition the forum was searched and all authors were contacted to register and maintain project pages.

Moving to a new domain

After a short time it seemed to be clear that the project will stay as an information pool for the WebsiteBaker Community. So we decided to move to a new domain and due to some server problems of the free hoster to a commercial hoster. The new domain was found quickly and the whole site moved to his new location in February 2009.

Two years are done

Some days ago AMASP was running for 2 years and shows actually more than 230 modules and snippets. Besides this it is an important marketing instrument for the WebsiteBaker CMS as can be seen if using search machines, even with key words that are not related to WebsiteBaker. Furthermore it was the "source" of the Tutorials Project, the jQuery Plugins Showroom and the hosting place of the show menu2 documentation after brofield retired from WebsiteBaker. 

Some useful statistics

During the last 2 years some intersting data were counted:

Even though most visitors come from Germany or  German speaking countries (ca 50%) there are visitors from more than 80 countries all over the world. In the beginning all visitors came from pages of official  WebsiteBaker. This levels now to an average of less than 50% over the 2 years and is going down to less than 30% in the last 3 months.

More than 85% of all visitors use Microsoft OS, follwed by MAC OS with around 7%. Referring to browsers more than 50% are using FF, followed by IE with around 30%. But it is astonishing that among the IE users more than 50% are using IE6 which means that around 15% of AMASP visitors are still using IE6.

Reffering to displays: around 47% are using display sizes of 1280 px width and similar sizes with less heigth (laptops) but over all there are more than 300 different sizes.


The future

We are working on some special services for the future.

After we introduced a rating system we are working on an overview of the most  and best rated modules. Besides that we are planning a new kind of overview in additon to the current alphabetic and last updated overview.

We are sure, that you will like the new features.


At the end I would like to thank all that helped to get this project run over the 2 years.

Special thanks to all module and snippet authors who support this project not only by developing.

And last but not least thanks to all visitors who find AMASP a helpful site.