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Step by step towards WebsiteBaker3

This is a translated article that originally was written by Chio,  published on


More safety

Website Baker and OSX have one thing in common: the battle fields of interest to hackers are somewhere else. Website Baker does not have the rough gaps, but a few smaller ones, and could perhaps be exploited in clever combinations. Previously WB was spared because with Typo3 or Drupal there are indeed far more attractive targets: large companies whose passwords can be reused immediately for selling.

Nevertheless, thanks to new features WB is used increasingly to more than the small private sites, and is thus a potential target of "real" attacks.
This causes greater emphasis on safety in next WB-releases.

In WB 2.8.2 a basic security concept is introduced, that will make WB not later than in release 3 a fortress.

Better control of user permissions

I confess frankly that I have held the feature: "A user can be member of several groups" for a blind alley - and I still do. It sounds reasonable at first, and flexible, but on a second look there are a rat tail of problems in this field: for module developers which sometimes tear their hair, and in addition the implementation of the WB-core seems not to have succeeded always right.
And even as an admin a reasonable allocation of rights to the users is often an impenetrable thicket.

Personally, I would prefer a simpler system with pre-defined user groups (from: keep everything up  to: can not even access into the back end) , but however, it is to be feared: over the current thicket is yet another layer of new growing thicket...

New editor?

The CKEditor looks decidedly tempting: the handling is very similar to the venerable FCK editor but without the sometimes cumbersome behavior, much faster and leaner. For demanding webmasters especially the handling of classes is interesting: Unlike the FCK defined classes can directly  be allocated to the respective objects. While the set up is a little complicated ,the handling is much more practical.
Here and there, there are some bugs in the integration in WB, but that will probably be fixed. Whether the CKEditor will be included in the next release, or not: it doesn't matter. You can install FCK and CK parallel and then easily switch.

Backend with Tabs

If you - like me - switch at once to the Argos-Backend-Theme will note, of course, nothing: In the standard Backend-Theme there are some changes that you should look at in any case.