Friday, February 23 in 2024
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This article is written by erpe


Not only the colours of AMASP-Site are now matching the official WebsiteBaker homepage but also the logo is now the official one. In addition we reowrked the whole template structure and parts of the css. If you notice some errors please let us know.

Besides that new services can be seen on the start page:


Forum Entries

The last 5 forum post are listed and linked using a feeder.


What's On

In this column you will find articles around WebsiteBaker CMS.

As a start we publish some translated articles from Chio, originally released on his homepage For we don't want to win a translation prize please be indulgent with us. We only want you to understand what is written there.

In the last time we noticed, that some interesting things are only discussed in the german part of the forum. If there isa thread that might be interesting for the whole community we will publish a summary of this thread as a personal point of view just to keep you informed.

And for these articles you should also accept that we are not able to write the best "Oxford English", but we will try our best to let you understand what we are talking about. If there are some misunderstandings please let us know. You can also use the comment function, which is by the way moderated.

Our service is not meant to replace forum threads, forum discussions, forum announcements or official announcements on the WebsiteBaker homepage

In fact we will offer forum- informations, personal points of view and comments on what is happening with WebsiteBaker.

If you want to release any articles please send us your text  using the contact form and we will come back to you.


That's it for now. We hope you enjoy Chio's articles and we are happy if we have been able to translate his textes as they are meant with his special way of writing.