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Let's return to the facts!

During the last years many users, developers and supporters left WebsiteBaker community. And mainly for good reasons. There are ones who left because they work with other cms and others who left because they didn't have time at all.
No problem and a normal thing in open source and web communities.

WB 2.8.2 running in a dead end street?

Slowly but steadily it is getting dangerous: on the one hand troubles, stagnation on the other. Even loyal fans and users of WB are looking around for an alternative CMS. No doubt, the reputation of WB is tarnished - even of the stable  2.8.1 release.

How to modify a database from ISO-XXXX to UTF-8

I wanted to test Ralf's dbWatchSite on AMASP and therefore I tried to install that interesting module. But installation failed: no utf-8 charset. Now I had to set my database to standard utf-8. I took the chance and wrote down my single steps and the output was a "howto"

Module of the Year 2010

Isn't it a nice idea to award the Module of the Year 2010 and besides that ask the community what they would like to see as a new module in the upcoming year?

We think: YES!

AMASP running for two years

Based on a discussion on the forum that it would be nice to list and show modules and snippets the All Modules And Snippets Project was founded in August 2008.

Step by step towards WebsiteBaker3

In the near future the RC of WebsiteBaker 2.8.2 will be published and hopefully tested by a hughe number of community members for  a completely new security concept will be introduced in WB core. This is a smal outlook to the upcoming release.

Core or not Core

Core or not Core. This question comes up again in the german part of the forum. It is not the first time this is discussed but it is neccessary to get a final and lasting answer. Why is this answer important for the future of WebsiteBaker CMS? A short summary of the situation.

Include JQuery

Some time ago again a discussion started about the way how to include jquery  in the german board of the forum. Why are there several ways to include jquery and is it that difficult as it seems on the first glance?

What's New?

As you may already have noticed AMASP comes up with a new start page and a new service: the "What's On" column.

WB in Gym

The last known security gap has opened many eyes. Although actual attacks have failed so far (* knock on wood *), many WB members (here a special thanks to "Hans> NULL") use the holidays and check some modules.

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