Thursday, June 13 in 2024
Modul: x_FastTemplate2
Author: Dietrich Roland Pehlke
Nick: aldus
Version: 0.5.8
State: RC
License: GNU - General Public License
GUID: 7588B558-135A-4F6A-9263-9E3102D5EF61
Platform: 2.8
Last info: 2013-01-09
900 votes
1 2 3 4 5
Download: here
Description: Implantation from "drp_xFastTemplate2" as a code-modul.
Require: PHP 5.2.x / WB 2.8.x

There is also a little example-template with some code-examples free to download at

See complete documentation at

xFastTemplate2 at gitHub:

0.5.8 - 2013-01-09
* Some codechanges and -cleanups and typos correction. correct link to the gitHub project.

0.5.5 - 2011-02-27
* Add new method "parse_template_file" to handle sections inside a given template like e.g.PHPLib.
That's it, folks. This module retires from now on.
If you are interrested for the project - feel free to fork it at gitHub.

* Bugfix inside suite_mysql to avoid problems within empty conditions in "build_query" method

* Bugfix inside include.php for missplaced pass-by-reference.
* Add 'suits' to the project to break down the loaded source at runtime. At this time there are four avaible ones: html, js, mysql and websitebaker.
* a couple of new methods. Take a look to the documentation inside the "doc"-folder.
Notice: At this time, the 0.5.x ones will be only bugfixes, as for the future it is not planed to add new methods or suites/classes to the lib anymore. If you want to get maintain the project for future, please feel free to contact me, the admin via the contact form, or just fork me at gitHub.
* Add method 'resolve_path' and some class properties.
* Bugfix inside method 'clean_up_str' for double-quotes.
* Correct position of the php-doc comments for the class.
* Updated versionStr property
* Add method 'build_mysql_query'.
* Add method 'clean_up_str' for JavaScript(-s).
* Add method 'get_all' to transform a mySQL result into an array.
* Add documentation (made with PHP-Documentor).
* 0.2.8 Remove the deprecated ereg inside the getBlocks method.
* 0.2.7 Bugfix inside method "capture_echo" to avoid conflikts within $wb, $database and $TEXT globals.
* 0.2.6 PHP 5.3 ready. Replacing "sql_regcase" within a private function. (Notice: there is also a PHP 4.4.x version inside the package.)
* 0.2.5 Additional arg. inside css-links (e.g. type)
Some minor codechanges and removing typos.
Setting the "state" to rc.
* 0.2.4 Bugfix inside "remove_comments" that causses in warnings.
* 0.2.3 Bugfix inside get_section to get the frontend.js|css links.
* 0.2.2 Bugfix inside register_modfiles to avoid double-loading.
* 0.2.1 Code-cleanup's and new method, new bug, new bugfix.
* 0.1.5 Bugfixes and some code-cleanup's
* 0.1.4 Bugfixes inside 'findClasses' and 'findIDs'
* 0.1.3 Bugfixes and additional methos
* 0.1.2 Removing the PHP4 constructor.

Info: Note: as this is a "snippet", or code-modul, you are not in the need to load it via "require", "require_once" or "include" for the frontend.

But as for the use in the backend you will have to, like
require_once (WB_PATH."/modules/x_fast_template_2/include.php");

Whats new in 0.2.0:
New public function:
- get_sections(&$db, $section_id_or_array);
Returns the content of the given sections.

What's new in 0.1.5:
# Bugfix: preg inside "remove_comments".

New public method:
- get_modules (&$db, $page_id);
A linear list within the module-names of the current page.

What's new in 0.1.4:
# Bugfixes inside the reg-exp. from "findClasses" and "findIDs".

What's new in 0.1.3:

# Bugfix: remove_unusedMarkers was ignoring markers within "-" and numbers inside.

New public methods:
- get_xhtml1_css_link ($filename, $media);
Like "get_xhtml1_js_link" simple generates a valid xhtml1 link tag.

- show_menu2 ($options);
This is not a //new// or //another// show_menu2 - the base difference is that it returns the result (buffert) and the arg. are stored inside an array.

- register_wb_values_to_js ($values);
WB_PATH, WB_URL, and TEMPLATE_DIR are set inside a basic js-tag automatic; you can add whatever, even simple functions-calls to the template.

- register_modfiles( $db, $page_id);
Similar to "register_modfiles('js')" ... but walking only one time truth the sections; also looking for subfolders like "js" and "css" ...

- register_templatefiles ($files);
Sometimes a "template.css" isn't enough ... or even one js-script ... Search belongs to the template-directory only ...

- register_external ($files);
All other files - whithout any testing (if exists).

See also: information, x_cDate, imageflow hi and lb