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Modul: Data Table
Author: Karl Pierce
Nick: spritemarkiv
Version: 0.92
State: Beta
License: GNU - General Public License
GUID: C16478E1-5185-4945-ACC1-FB14602E2317
Platform: 2.8
Last info: 2018-03-12
806 votes
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Download: here
Forum: here
Web Link: here
Description: Data Tables
* This module creates easy to sort, filter and edit tables for you web pages. The Data stored in mysql using the Jquery plugins: DataTables by Allan Jardine and Jeditable by Mika Tuupola.
* Table data is stored in the mysql database
* Completely front-end editable, using AJAX
* Easy to edit individual cells using the JQuery JEditable plug-in
* Only authorized users can edit the table
* Table is sortable, filterable, paginated
* Show/Hide individual columns
* Add/Delete Rows,Columns
* En,De,Fr translation(>=0.72 the jquery datatables plug-in now uses native translations in many languages).
* HTML code is parsed for images, heading, paragraph, link tags
* Data is exportable to Clipboard,Excel, CSV, and Print using the table tools plugin.

Tested on
* WB2.8.3

Known Issues
* Currently only one Datatable section per page.
* WB search does not find data
* "Modified when" doesn't update when table is modified
* Fixed Header behaves strange when Show/Hide Tools button is clicked.

I created this module because 2 of the websites I run have lots of information stored in WYSIWYG tables which cannot be easily
accessed by code snippets or droplets. With this module the table data is stored directly in the mysql database making the data accessible.

Version 0.4
* Uses jQuery UI to control the style.
* Now jQueryAdmin compatible
* Style changeable with jQueryAdmin themes
Version 0.5
* Setting added to the backend(EN only)
* Minor CSS tweeks
Version 0.6
* Fixed issue when used with a TABLE_PREFIX defined.
* Modified the editable_ajax.php file (attempt to help with older mysql versions. Removed mysql_free_results command.
Version 0.7
* Fixed issue some servers had with the code in editable_ajax.php file.
Version 0.7.1
* Upgrading to this version may need a complete reinstall.
* Upated DataTable Jquery Plugin to v 1.7beta2
* Added more options
1. Hide the id column
2. Fixed Header
3. Save State
* Fixed bug when a column was hidden the wrong cell was edited.
Version 0.7.2
* Added Feature data is exportable to Clipboard, Excel, CSV, and Print using the table tools plugin.
* The jquery datatables plug-in now uses native translations in many languages.
Version 0.7.4
*Better show/hide column tool
*Upated DataTable Jquery Plugin to v 1.7.4
Version 0.7.6
*Feed back when column is added or fails
*Upated DataTable Jquery Plugin to v 1.7.6

Version 0.91
* Removed support for JqueryAdmin since it's no longer supported
*Updated to DataTables 1.9.1
*Fixed some code errors that were causing problems (self closing tags)
Version 0.9.2
*Minor bug fixes